THE VISION  – To lead the Pacific region in the provision of efficient ports services.

ACTIVITIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS: Samoa Ports Authority was established in 1999 to operate as a self-funding, commercially viable organization, required to ensure that the ports and maritime needs of the nation are met in an effective, efficient and timely manner. Port tariffs and charges are structured so that the Authority can operate on a commercially viable basis in line with international market rates and the “user pays” policy of Government. SPA Dues and Rates are regulated under notice by Minister and are adjust accordance with cost of operations and movements of the market.

SECURITY: The achievement of IMO/ISPS code in July 2004 was a milestone for Samoa Ports Authority as one of the first Ports in the region to comply with these requirements.
PHYSICAL RESOURCES: The upgrading and development of physical resources were identified at the outset, as a priority need if the Authority was to provide the best service demanded by its stakeholders. A new Weigh bridge has been installed at Apia Wharf as a service to exporters, importers and shipping companies for accurate weighing of containers.
FLOATING FLEET DEVELOPMENT: Floating fleet improvement was identified as an asset area requiring urgent attention. Tug boats Atafa and Tafola underwent refurbishment to meet survey requirements and safety operations. A new Pilot boat Fuao was acquired to eliminated dangerous practice of using tug boats for Pilot transfer.
APIA MAIN WHARF DEVELOPMENT: An extension to the new wharf  is planned to commence January 2016.
APIA WHARF CONTAINER TERMINAL: The numbers for containers landing and been loaded through Apia Port now exceeds twenty thousand containers per annum. The container park extension is needed to complement the new wharf and to cater for increase cargo movements.
PORT OF APIA Samoa consists of two main Islands located in the Central South Pacific with a national land area of 2,936 km2 and a population of about 180,000. Given its geographical condition, Samoa’s national life and economic activities largely depend on Maritime transportation, making Ports crucial components of basic social infrastructure.   0c2724_88d867290b0d02c1fdd54c3f19f4b968.jpg_1024 APIA MARINA Samoa Ports Authority provides the Apia Marina facility for yachts and Cafes in the surrounding Marina edge. Apia Marina provides facilities for up to 25 secure yacht berths or boat owners with a breakwater shield and engineered docks for maximum protection. SATITOA SLIPWAY Satitoa Slipway located east of the main island of Upolu lies the first ever built Slipway and Wharf Terminal at Satitoa Aleipata.The views are breathtaking and facilities have been constructed using the environmental friendly methods.